Louis Vuitton Monogram Florentine Pochette Belt Bag - 00690

New Louis Vuitton Monogram Florentine Pochette Belt Bag - 00690

Item 產品

Louis Vuitton Monogram Florentine Pochette Belt Bag M51855


Size 尺寸

16.5 x 11 x 4 cm厘米

Belt Long 腰帶長度: 73 - 80.5 cm厘米

Remark 備註

With original dust bag 


This product is second hands goods, will have the sense of use and depreciation, please buy after confirming the photo.

If you have any questions, please contact us before you purchase.

此商品是中古商品, 會存有使用感及折舊, 請在確認相片後購買。如有任何疑問,可以先聯絡我們後才購買。

R A N K I N G 評 級




Second hands item precautions



部分高級品牌為保持皮革質感並沒有做皮革顏色固定, 因此使用時有機會染色到衣物上, 請使用時多加注意

▼Leather Product

Some brands have not fixed the color of leather to maintain the texture of leather, so there are opportunities to dye the clothes when using, please pay more attention when using


在商品寄出時,所有手錶均已確認能正常運作, 但請理解我們無法知道電池剩餘的電量

▼Watch Product

All the watches have been confirmed to be in normal operation when the goods are sent, but please understand that we cannot know the remaining battery


我們會使用最接近產品實際顏色的照片, 但會因應顯示屏或電子設備的設定等原因, 或會使你看到的顏色有色差

▼Color difference▼

We will use the photo that is closest to the actual color of the product, but will take account of the setting of the display screen or electronic device, or the color you see will be color difference

Worldwide Shipping

Depends on Area, Start from HKD$180
-EMS(不包稅運輸 Delivered Duty Unpaid)



免運費只限於工商地址, 順豐站或智能櫃自取
請於下訂單時填寫 順豐站或智能櫃 的站碼


香港及澳門 : 約7-10個工作天到貨, 到貨2日內轉順豐寄出
中國地區(EMS) : 約4-8工作天


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